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Oklahoma Dyslexia Learning Center

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The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program


The Davis Dyslexia Correction® program is an individualized counseling program. During a program the client first learns about the tools of the Davis Program. These tools are designed to stop disorientation. Disorientation, or distorted perceptions, are the cause of confusion, mistakes and frustration. Throughout the program the client is guided in applying these tools to improve reading, writing, math, language or attention difficulties. Programs are provided for clients 8 years of age up through adult. The process begins with an assessment to determine if the client is a suitable candidate. Plan to spend one to two hours for this initial assessment. Reading assessments can also be completed at this time.

The correction program is an intense, one-on-one, 5 day program. The program is normally conducted Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Short breaks are taken as necessary to celebrate accomplishments and to provide rest. Lunch is from noon until 1:00 pm. Parents need to be available over the noon hour for their child.

On the last day of the program support training is provided to the parent, teacher, and/or persons assisting the client in the ongoing process of symbol mastery. Mastery of those small words that cause confusion provides the missing conceptualization for meanings--for words such as: the, there, for, etc.


Why Choose Oklahoma Dyslexia Learning Center?

  • Drug-free approach
  • 30 hours, 5 continuous days of one-on-one counseling
  • Correction at the root of the problem
  • Unlimited phone support
  • 97% success rate
  • Lifetime of correction
  • Support training
  • Program follow-up
  • All materials provided for program completion

Program Details

  • Assessment
    • Given by a licensed and certified Davis Facilitator, Rhonda Lacy
    • Guides facilitator in designing a program unique to the clients' needs
  • Orientation Counseling
    • Ability to detect and correct disorientation
  • Symbol Mastery
    • Master confusing and disorienting concepts using clay
    • Allows the dyslexic brain to hold on to information
  • Math Mastery
    • Corrects math difficulties often accompanying dyslexia and attention difficulties
    • Hands-on approach to understanding math concepts
    • Ends math confusion normally seen with traditional teaching methods
    • Uses clay to transition understanding of math symbols
  • ADD/ADHD Program
    • Drug-free approach to correcting disorientation
    • Control for the natural distortion of time
    • Concepts for proper social interaction
    • Provided in approximately 30 hours, 5 day program usually after completion of basic program
    • Unlimited phone support following program, support training, and follow-up provided

Materials to Continue Program

  • Webster's Dictionary
  • Davis Student Manual
  • 2 lbs. Plastalina Clay
  • Koosh Balls
  • Backpack
  • Grammar Book

"Orientation corrects perception; symbol mastery corrects dyslexia."

Ron Davis


Davis Dyslexia Association Internation